by Lei Melendres
INKTOBER Day 1 to 31! Check out each of the artworks at #INKtoberLeiMelendres on IG!

This was the first time I've joined the #INKtober activity and it was so much fun but was also really stressful at the same time! Everyday, I had to think of a concept based on the current prompt that could match a pop culture theme and for some, it took me several sketches before finally deciding which one to go through with. The last days were the worst cause I was handling several projects at the same time not to mention a mural with a really tight deadline. I'm very thankful for the people who supported me along the way. The really nice comments and shares of my work really kept me going. I had a lot of learnings from this experience and this made my birthday month a lot more productive! 😁 Thank you.

P.S. The sketchbook itself is up for sale! 31 hand drawn pages and you can get it for $1K USD. Would be happy to include a small personalized artwork and a message for the lucky buyer! Send me a PM if you're interested! 😊
Here's 2018's prompt!
Here are the artworks!
INKTOBER Day 1 : Poisonous
Wrong mushroom, Mario! 😵☠💀
Super Mario

I remember playing an old Mario game when I was still a kid and I thought to myself, with this much graphics, this game is the future. lol
INKTOBER Day 2 : Tranquil
"You are who you choose to be."
The Iron Giant

I cried watching this movie the first time. Seeing the ending was one of the most relieving moments of my childhood days.
INKTOBER Day 3 : Roasted
"You were the chosen one!"
Star Wars Ep 3
INKTOBER Day 4 : Spell
"Expecto Patronum!"
Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows

Watching the last Harry Potter movie (HP7 Part 2) first was what made me watch the entire series. So technically, I treated the whole story as a prequel. lol
INKTOBER Day 5 : Chicken
"Winner, winner, chicken dinner!" 🍗🐓
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Im playing PUBG but only on mobile. You can add me up, IG name is "INKVADER". But I rarely play nowadays, too busy with illustrations. :(
INKTOBER Day 6 : Drooling
Xenomorphs as a pet! 👽
ALIEN (But a different take of this iconic alien drooling scene)

Watching Alien movies during my childhood years was probably one of the best reason why I love sci-fi and conspiracies about the other living beings outside our planet. I actually freakin' thought that the Xenomorphs trully existed back then and that they have them tamed just for the movie. 😂👽
​​​​​​​INKTOBER Day 7 : Exhausted
"I'm asking for a time-out! This is not the Specium Ray pose!"
ULTRAMAN (Originally "Urutoraman") As a kid, it was always exciting for me to see what kind of monster Ultraman will be up against next. 😁
INKTOBER Day 8 : Star
"Hmm.. Something seems different with you today, Patrick."
Spongebob Squarepants x Pokemon

I used to watch a lot of Spongebob shows with my younger brother. It was our bonding time. We especially love the marathons on Nickelodeon. Oh, that's Patrick Staryu btw. 😂
INKTOBER Day 9 : Precious
Apparently, Sonic is addicted to golden rings as well.
SONIC The Hedgehog x Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings was my think when everybody else was so hooked with Harry Potter. 😁
INKTOBER Day 10 : Flowing
"Kaneda, help me! Please.."
AKIRA (1988)

Freakin' loved Akira. I was blown away by how much details there were in each scene considering the date it was released. Check out the frame by frame sketches of the movie on YouTube.
INKTOBER Day 11 : Cruel
"I'm so fluffy and you're probably going to die!" - Chuckie
Chuckie x Despicable Me

The first few movies of Chuckie was so morbid I can't believe I watched it during my childhood years. 😂
INKTOBER Day 12 : Whale
Water-type Gym Leader Arthur
Aquaman x Pokemon

Arthur Curry knew that for him to be able to conquer the oceans, he had to capture 'em all first and be the very best with the help of his Wailmer and Wailord. 🐳🐋 Pretty excited for the Aquaman movie!
INKTOBER Day 13 : Guarded
Guarded til' the end.
King Kong

Somehow, Harambe reminded me of King Kong.
INKTOBER Day 14 : Clock
"That's not the right time, that's your moustache!"
Alice in Wonderland x Beauty and the Beast

Imagine how stressed they got about arguing which time is correct.
INKTOBER Day 15 : Weak
"Pros are always risking their lives!.."
Boku no Hero (My Hero Academia)

Freakin' love this animé. PLUS ULTRA!
INKTOBER Day 16 : Angular
"What are we?!" -Bart
The Simpsons

Always wanted to do this cause I've always wondered, where exactly does the head end and where does the hair start???
INKTOBER Day 17 : Swolen
Winnie the Pooh

I have so many caption ideas I feel I would ruin it if I just choose one. So I'll let you comment the funniest
INKTOBER Day 18 : Bottle
"Genie in a bottle? Is this just a hallucination from being so wasted?"
Rick & Morty x Aladdin

Aladdin was one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid. Rick and Morty is one of my favorite cartoons as an adult. 😂
INKTOBER Day 19 : Scorched
These dragons seem to like their mother a lot. 😂
Game of Thrones x Mulan x Spyro x Pokemon

Just being silly. Don't take things too seriously. Also, Wushu was too small so I had to size him up. 😊
INKTOBER Day 20 : Breakable
With his newly discovered Saiyan form, Ralph knew that he could break not just windows from buildings but the whole building itself including Saiyan Felix who was no match even with his magic hammer.

Wreck it Ralph x Dragonball x Fix it Felix

Who else got the exact reference of this scene correctly? Super excited for the return of Broly!!! 💪

INKTOBER Day 21 : Drain
Wrong sewer, Pennywise.
🤡🗡 🐢🐢🐢🐢
IT x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

So busy with projects I almost forgot to upload today! 😣

INKTOBER Day 22 : Expensive
Remember this spoiled brat? Yup, he could probably afford it. 
Richie Rich x Iron Man

No hate on Iron Man, I freakin love Iron man. Was so tempted to turn Irona into a female Ultron in a nanny attire and Cadbury into his selfish uncle from the 1st movie but I didn't have time today. Would have been funny tho. :)
INKTOBER Day 23 : Muddy
"Hey Jake! Check out my Jake suit 2.0!"
Adventure Time

Love AT! I get inspired with all the amazing characters and environments. Stories are really funny too and it's always a good time binge watching it. :)
INKTOBER Day 24 : Chop
"Cut it out Woody! Stop messing with my Karate Chop Action feature!" -Buzz
Toy Story

Had so much fun drawing this at a coffee shop. Was reminiscing the whole franchise while I doing it and it brought back some good memories. 😊
Who else is excited for Toy Story 4??? 🙋🏽‍♂️
INKTOBER Day 25 : Prickly
"Aside from these bad ass prickles, this one right here is a huge upgrade!" -Prickle Rick (Multiverse)
Rick & Morty

Thinking of making a toy our of this. Lol
INKTOBER Day 26 : Stretch
"Honey, I think you also need to be a bit more flexible with your techniques. I learned this one from Luffy." -Elastigirl 
The Incredibles x One Piece

Imagine Elastigirl in 5th gear!
INKTOBER Day 27 : Thunder
"I am the god of thunder! Shazam!" 😂
Shazam x Thor

Here's hoping the new Shazam movie doesn't suck. 🤞
INKTOBER Day 28 : Gift

Been binge watching the old Justice League Unlimited Series!
INKTOBER Day 29 : Double
Prepare for trouble. ❤

Almost forgot to post!! So busy with a huge mural. 😣
INKTOBER 30 : Jolt
"Finally, the first Jolt of my boy's heartbeat!" - Mr. Gipetto

Astro Boy x Pinochio

I've always wondered if Pinochio and Astro Boy would be good friends because they both have the same goals.
INKTOBER 31 : Slice
"Your own hand scratches your itchy spot better than anything. Better than my swords so yes, this was a good idea all along. " -Deadpool


Finally, the last day of INKtober! Mission accomplished! :D