iOS Appliaction – Visual Design for Plazmaszolgalat
Plazmaszolgalat is a Hungarian company involved in managing a continuous supply of blood-plasma donors from all across the country. They provide people the opportunity to enroll for plasmapheresis, where the so called volunteers can donate their blood regularily. From the donated blood, the plasma is acquired, and the remaining fluid/cells get returned. It takes about 45 minutes for the whole process to complete, and in return the donors get a nominal compensation for their commitment.
Hence human body can quickly recover from the effects of the procedure, the donors are allowed a total amount of 33 donations per year.
The company decided to shift gears and aim for reaching donors younger than their current base. The first step on this road was to develop an iOS application which could help the donors keeping track of their overall progress and current medical condition (*the condition is based on both the test results of the last plasmapheresis, as well as the donor declaration form).

The briefing granted a wide range of choices for the design process, since it only gave general guidelines. The desired effect was to provide a highly colorful, bold and easy-to-use user interface – to appeal more towards the younger target audience. The software should also provide information on the the total number of donations, the date of the previous and the next donation, the reward expected, some medical information (as guidance for the nurses if needed), and essential data (mostly for donor identification). By bold they also meant low number of screens and big amount of empty spaces.
The final design consists of three different screens, and one additional screen for login.
The login process uses high-security encryption as well as any othar data-transfer involved using the app.
(User data is highly sensitive due to containing personal information including health status, etc.)
PREVIOUS DONATION (middle screen)
displays the current progress in a quasi-3D shape (a drop-shaped container is filling up with the donated "plasma"): the last donation's date and number in the yearly sequence.
NEXT DONATION (left screen)
shows the remaining time until the next prearranged date of donation in [hours] : [minutes] representation; expected reward and preferred hand (it's common for the donors to use both arms for donation in an alternating manner).
PERSONAL DATA (right screen)
provides information regarding the donor's name, ID number, Date of Birth, days since the last donation and additional medical information the nurses might take into account.
The application is currently targeting only iOS users; a future expansion to other platforms is possible...