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    Lagi 2010 competition entry. Project site: EAU
This artinstallation concept, start from an accurated study of the Islamic culture andsymbolism.
Some “key words” have been chosen toguide the Land Art project.
The concept of fence as protectionis the starting point to limit our working area: a 500 by 500 meters square. Inthe shade of the high walls, the garden cangrow, safe from desert’s wind and sand. The garden is born from water, source of life.
The ponds are willing starting from the centre and the garden comes to life. Thedrawing of paths and artificial dunes allows visitors to look at theproximities and to admire the Land Art work from different points of view.
The garden fence's aim is not to sunder neighboring areas: it breaks and livestaking multiple shapes and functions, depending on the ones which stand close.
The gates are set on the east and west side: visitors coming from The Lagoonsand the Wildlife Park will flow easily into the new garden. On the south thefence multiplies and becomes a receptor for sun rays and a channel of energy.This energy will be stored from the hawk, the figure settled on the north side ofthe garden.
Why the hawk:
1. it's a natural element, settled into the Wildlife Park
2. it’s the symbol of the Sun
3. it's a seemly, proud, intelligent animal and emeritus hunter
The hawk emerges from the desert’s sand and hereby comes alive, rising up withhis wings widely open trough 5 steps.
Why number 5:
It's a beneficial and auspicious figure, 5 are the daily prayers, 5 thesignificant stages during the pilgrimage, 5 the types of fasting, 5 thedispensation Friday prayers, 5 the generations for tribal revenge, 5 the kindsof goods which are considered to establish the tenth, 5 the fingers of thetalisman, 5 the tips of the star in most Arab countries.
Hawk’swings will store energy; the body will house observation platforms, expositionareas, auditorium, public galleries, restaurants and shops.
The hawk is63 meters tall and it has a wingspan of 205 meters.
The solarphotovoltaic system and the wind turbines are intrinsic components of the LandArt work.
Both systems are located on the wings of the Hawk:
- the solar photovoltaic one is on the wings that are almost parallel to theground
- the wind turbines are placed on the rear wings perpendicular to the ground.
The system of producing energy through the thermodynamic method, is located offthe hawk, in the south of the lot. This system can be controlled remotely, by asort of "control room", on the ground floor of this artwork.
The “control room” and the thermodynamic parables will be accessible toinsiders only, while all other areas will be open for visitors.
The building where the photovoltaic and wind system will be in placed consistsof raw concrete, composed of inert medium and large size, of the typical colorof the local sand.
Expected yearly energy production amount to 1139,4 MWh/y for the photovoltaicsystem and 955,73 MWh/y for the thermodynamic method.
The Hawk will be materially and harmoniously integrated with the context inwhich it appears.