A Digital Experiment on Life as Performance

ORANGE is a digital performance art project which documents my artistic engagement
with a world that has gone mad. Making use of my persona, I insert myself into
the performative process of the “Orange Man” who is a social outcast - a character
who loses touch with reality as he slowly ascends into madness. His biography is constructed as a hybrid character, an outcast and artist, having grown up watching too
much television, films and social media, and spending his days loitering in public spaces,
performing random acts that range from the bizarre and provocative, right down
to the tasteless and pointless. 

The performance blurs the boundaries between the two characters of artist/outcast, allowing for the public to read it as aesthetic reaction to a society based on technology, capitalism and rampant social media or as re-enactment of mental illness resulting from burning social problems within contemporary urban
South Africa.
Rituals & Sacrifice
Venue | Nanda Township, Durban, South Africa
Photographer | Thobani Khumalo / The Zooloo Reigns

Thobani is an upcoming fashion photographer based in Inanda township - the home of Isaiah Shembe - a man considered to be the reincarnation of God to his church of 4 million followers in South Africa. Thobani wanted to tap into the subject of cultural animal sacrifices used as means to an end, and end such as wealth accumulation and invincibility. Using the subject of Orange, he wanted to use the project to juxtapose traditional rituals with a modern man. In this instance, the Orange Man keeps a dead chicken hanging on his neck like its bling to epitomizes braggadocio, while this bloody art performance is a window to host religious discussions in modern society. 
Untitled / 1
Venue | Musgrave, Durban, South Africa
Photographer | Mandisa Buthelezi

Mandisa Buthelezi is a photographer and documentary filmmaker by trade. For Orange, she wanted to explore outside her usual reference box. We used Orange Man to explore the idea we had always wanted to play with - that of a drag queen who is a construction worker stuck amidst suburban South Africa.
Untitled / 2
Venue | Johannesburg CBD, South Africa
Photographer | Megan van der Merwe

Megan possesses a rare talent for capturing colour and documenting inner-city objects and environment. A process artist, Megan’s concept was based on walking around Johannesburg CBD for 2 hours in search of the colour orange in objects, buildings and everything that surrounded us during our walk.
Untitled / 3
Venue | Eshowe Taxi Rank, Eshowe, South Africa
Photographer & Filmmaker | Siyabonga Zungu

The very first photoshoot and filming done in the Orange series, this shoot saw me work with Eshowe based photographer Siyabonga Zungu. The performance was staged at the Eshowe Taxi Rank and proceeded to set the tone for the direction of the entire orange project
Untitled / 4
Venue | Warwick Junction Market & Taxi Rank, Durban, South Africa
Photographer and Filmmaker |
Simanga Constant Zondo

I selected to work with Simanga as he has a unique ability to capture movement through his experimentation's shutter speed in his photography. With this series of photographs, Simanga decided that I should apply orange clay on my face and body -
which is mostly used by African women and sangomas as skin mask to shield from the sun rays. We performed the piece for almost 3 hours at Warwick Junction market and taxi rank in Durban. The piece was done as a homage to Steven Cohens Chandelier performance.
Thank you.