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    As Jigsaw's interaction designer, I was responsible for all workflows and pages within a disruptive web-based app.
Jigsaw user dashboard. I made the case for this project, wrote the specs, designed the UI and interaction.  
Prior to this dashboard, users had no single place to see their stats and user engagement was moderate. In a system with a game dynamic, it was important to increase engagement, so we designed this dashboard to help users quickly access their data and encourage them to act on or add new records.
Jigsaw company page.  I designed the UI and Interaction. 
The former company page was sparse. Users complained that they couldn't get a good feel for a target company by looking at it, and expressed that they had to go to other sites for research.  We provided them with this page as a direct response to user feedback.
Jigsaw business card.  I did the UI and interaction design. 
We redesigned the business card after extensive user research, including paper prototyping and remote interviews.  Our intent was to put the card first and foremost, with the update function leaping out at users. 
Jigsaw user profile page.  UI, interaction, visual design by me.
Jigsaw company wiki editable version.  UI and interaction design by me.
Jigsaw contact queue.  UI and Interaction design by me.