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iLive Soulfest Event Branding

iLive Soulfest 2018
Event Branding

This is the third year that I have been asked to serve as Creative Director with this event and what an honour it has been. The first year, we did a main image and used it to brand the night. The second year was a two day festival which called for multiple artist portraits.

This year, we needed to come up with something special. Something memorable and iconic. 
Everything lined up perfectly. Right down to the numbers:

The target demographic for this event knows what a plastic cassette feels like in their hands. So, rather than blanket the city in paper flyers, iLive Radio decided to invest in real cases. Why?

Because, there is no half way to the top. - that's why

This design folds up perfectly to look just like a cassette:

To help the social media reach of this event, iLive Radio staff hit the streets with large iLive Soulfest cardboard cassette tapes. They also served as great back drops for photos strategically placed around the city of Toronto.

With multiple artists on the bill, a template was created for sharing artist images. It kept the flow of visuals interesting and connected to the event.
Hundreds of unique images seeded across a vast social media network. #iLIVEsoulfest

Styled similar to the flyer, all of the text and logos were contained within the confines of a cassette sleeve layout.

Over 300 images were processed and sorted for each artist. This allowed us to brand the event all the way through each performance with a distinct look.
This was rewarding experience for me. I felt respected and appreciated. I'm proud of the work and happy to share it with you.

But what is most memorable about this project is the respect and appreciation that I have for the iLive Family. Unlike any other organization that I have worked with, they have a commitment that goes beyond money and prestige. They believe in themselves as a unit. When you match that with a passion for great music, the impossible seems within reach.

As an added bonus, I was given a collection of rare music. It has inspired me to put one foot in front of the other and reminds me of just how lucky I am to have made such friends.
PS. The concert was amazing!
iLive Soulfest Event Branding

iLive Soulfest Event Branding