Collection of sketches made during my road trips to various destinations in and around Bangalore city. All drawings are mostly made at the location using my sketch book (ballpoint pen and paper) or using iPad pro. The collection covers a broad range, right from travel logs to concept explorations for various client and personal projects.
Sketches made during my road trip to Fort Kochi via Mangalore
Sketches made at the location - NGMA Bangalore and Art cafe Indirangar 
Explorations for Shutterstock - Get creative Campaign

Concept sketches for a personal project exploring the shift in playing field 

Key sketches for IDEO London exploring the idea of community based living
Concept sketches a poster made for Shravanabelagola art festival 2018

Interactive projection and VR exploration

Sketches and final explorations for a consumer product package design
Timelapse video capturing the process for the Genome Project

Concept sketches for a personal project - In the box

Nema - Concepts exploring the a 500 year dance tradition still performed today in parts of coastal areas in Karnataka
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