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An Expressive Cloth
The aim of this project was to be able to express human emotions through inanimate objects without relying on more human characteristics such as facial expressions.

I believe that in the future technology will not be limited to solely voice or screen interactions but will also rely on the form of the object for communication.

We tried to narrow down a framework for some basic human emotions and tried to identify some parameters of that emotion.
We tried representing some emotions with a ball as our object. Since it is such a simple object we felt that it would force us to focus more on the movement and form.
Team Members: Vandana P, Rujuta Sondur, Kavya Murugan
We also tried to express emotions using a belt as an object, as it gave us a different type of form to work with.
Team Members: Naomi Menezes, Shiv Dinesh, Rujuta Sondur
Finally, I then tried to express different emotions using a cloth as my object, using what we had learned so far.

An Expressive Cloth

An Expressive Cloth