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    Series of style frames designed for the Battle of the Boards 48-Hour workshop hosted by Greg Herman and MOMELOVE.
These frames were completed by Team Anecho during the 48-Hour Battle of the Boards workshop hosted by SCAD's MOMELOVE.
Our task was to create a set of frames detailing a title sequence for Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive," a film starring Ryan Gosling and Carrey Mulligan. We chose to open with the imagery of a street map, detailing the path of the '76 Malibu as it carved out paths forming the silhouette of the scorpion on the protagonist's jacket in bold, pink strokes. We also redesigned the title, opting to use text hand-designed by Daniel Visconti.
Team Anecho consisted of Rick Kuan, Christian Kay, Daniel Visconti and Isabella Carapella.
Daniel Visconti - ???