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    Brand identity redesign for card game company. Created characters and four piece campaign: Magazine ad, packaging, tabletop ad, and interactive g… Read More
    Brand identity redesign for card game company. Created characters and four piece campaign: Magazine ad, packaging, tabletop ad, and interactive game kiosk. Read Less
Falco Campaign
Brand Indentity

Started out with a company that had a weak brand identity and were to redesign their identity and create a four piece brand campaign using the redesign.


Selected a card game company that went by SET Enterprise, they have produced five card games for family fun, Set, Five Crowns, Xactika, Jurassic Jumble, and Quiddler. First step, renamed company to better fit perosnlaity of the products, Falco, after the creator of the game Set. Next created character mascots for each of the five games, ranging in age and ethnicity to represent the potential players of the games. Assigned a playful and bright color to each mascot and game, to help differentiate the games from each other but also relate them to each other. Created a new logo and wordmark to represent the new brand, more update, playful, and fun, like the games themselves. Designed and created four campaign pieces using these new brand elements, new packaging for the card games, magazine ad, tabletop ad, and an interactive game kiosk, all of which advertise the games and spread awareness of the new brand identity.

The game packaging would be a magnetic flap box that would hold two stacks of cards, a score note pad, a mini pencil, and a rules slip that would be hidden behind the inside cover that would slid out. The inside cover would have a quick game reference or examples on how to play the game. The back of the box would have your typical game description and a brief overview of how to play. The card backs would have the games assigned color, and the falco iconic diagonal strips. The front and spine of the box would have the games assigned character mascot and the name of the game, and when the games are lined up like books the spines would form the falco gang.

The magazine ad here shows an interactive advertisment for the game Xactika. Chloe, Xactika's character mascot challenges the reader to play against her using the tear out sticker cards. The ad explains who and what falco is and how to play the game. The ad consists of a full page, and tear out slip, and three side ads that are spread out further along in the magazine after the main ad. The campaign slogan is "Bored? Falco does the trick!"

The interactive game kiosk would be located in busy locations where individuals may have time to spare, such as airport terminals. The kiosk resembles a giant falco playing card and has the falco slogan inviting passersby to play.

The tabletop ad would be located in mall food courts or other cafeteria like spaces where there are tables and chairs for people to sit and rest at. The tabletop ad consists of a falco character cutout which is attached to one of the table's chairs, a tabletop mat with card flips, and a stack of peel-off coupons which looks like a stack of cards. The character cutout has the falco slogan in a word bubble above it's head inviting viewers to come play, the tabletop mat gives a brief instructions on how to play the game in three steps, and the card flips show examples of plays that are good or bad. The coupons direct the players to where they can purchase any of the falco games near their location, and a percentage off the price of the game.