CARAT 187 Superyacht
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Carat 187 is a dramatic 187 ft superyacht concept created by an international design team responsible for award winning projects in the luxury transport design sector.

The project was envisioned by Gareth Davies, European Design Director at Technicon Design.

“In our work across various domains of transport design, my team and I have developed a real understanding of the needs of a very particular client profile associated to our projects in private aviation , supercar design and luxury retail.

So, it was a very natural progression for us to apply this understanding, along with our core skillset in creative design, to a Superyacht project.
Inspired by our own work for exclusive clients in the private aviation sector, I briefed our talented design team to create a concept that embodies the sense of occasion and exclusivity that are required to fully engage clients in the Superyacht marketplace.
We had a specific aesthetic code and a dramatic central theme in mind at the outset of the project. This allied to the idea that, at its heart, the concept should have a real air of majesty, with sublime detailing and surface treatment. For such discerning clients it is crucial to create a sensational visual and tactile experience.
Throughout the creative process I have guided and motivated our close-knit team to adhere to these principals and ensure that the project meets our usual high standards . I think the results speak for themselves”.
Nicolas Jousse, the Design Project manager for Carat 187 adds;

” We realised that designing a superyacht of this size is no small undertaking and could be very time intensive.

That is why we set up a specific framework around this project, with precise quality objectives, and a clear aesthetic directive to break the visual codes associated with current yacht design. We also defined a short but realistic design timing plan. The challenge of this planning was to juggle our other internal and client obligations …. a real challenge of organisation!
It has been possible with our design team because we have worked with each other for years, and have learnt to collaborate with genuine complicity and spirit. This symbiosis in the team facilitates exchange and communication, and fluidifies the process in a fun but very efficient way.”
A large part of the project has been undertaken in a digital environment using state of the art digital modelling and visualisation tools .
Guillaume Juif the team’s digital lead explains,
“The main challenge of this project from my perspective has been to allow the customer to possibility to project themselves into their future yacht with accurate ,realistic and attractive digital models and renderings.  They elevate the product and help them to visualise their wishes before starting to build.

In addition to producing quality visuals, this process has several advantages.
We can anticipate any aesthetic, technical or ergonomic changes in order to adapt to the customer's desires.

We can even go so far as to offer a virtual tour of the Yacht to immerse the future buyer in the onboard ambience and offer unprecedented experiences during the design process.

Another advantage, from an economic point of view all these visual aids are much less expensive than creating a scale model or modifying the yacht once under construction.”
 Paul Martinez worked closely on creating the exterior design.
“The goal of this project has been to create something unique, different from the current yachting design language. We wanted something atypical, exaggerated, and ultra-luxurious.
The “Red Carpet” (Tapis rouge) inspiration was the central theme of this project with two dramatic articulated stairs to the rear of the yacht. The two tenders give an original and impressive silhouette to the yacht when the stairs are deployed and underline the exclusive luxury feeling.
To reinforce this silhouette, we agreed upon an architectural design language with an asymmetrical shell, mixing sculptural shapes on one side, and softer, simpler surfaces on the other.
These two facets evoke different personalities, an “introvert” aspect and a “extrovert” one, like a movie star with a more reserved private life. I think that CARAT 187 is most definitely atypical with a strong personality which attracts the eye and does not leave anyone indifferent.”
Gareth Davies concludes “This has been a very exciting and rewarding project to date and we are eagerly anticipating the next stage to develop and refine the interior architecture. I am immensely proud of the team’s work and look forward to building on it with future yacht projects for existing and new clients.”
CARAT 187 Superyacht