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QRL Genesys: Product Branding & Redesign

Redesigning how IT users get answers so they can keep moving.

QRL (Quick Resource Locator) is a mobile and web app made by Dell that IT professionals in data center environments use to quickly find extensive system information and support content for their Dell products.
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The app has three core features:

1. Browse products (typically servers, storage, and networking devices) to view support documentation such as manuals and "how-to" videos.

2. Retrieve specific system information such as warranty status and factory configurations by scanning a uniquely generated QR code or by providing  the system's serial number or service tag.

3. Get recommended solutions based on system error codes.

“QRL stickers” with the unique QR code can often be found next to the service tag for select Dell servers, storage, and networking devices. The QR code, service tags, and other identifiers behave as unique identifiers to track and retrieve specific information for a specific hardware product.

The original and previous designs didn't have a defined visual system that correlated to a particular brand, feeling, or purpose. Hence, the drastic changes.

The new QRL.

QRL Genesys: Product Branding & Redesign


QRL Genesys: Product Branding & Redesign

QRL Genesys is a product design and branding refresh of a cross-platform app IT users use to quickly find product support information for their D Read More