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    New Identitiy for NERF. The idea is to make turn NERF players, to NERFSMITHS, who make their own customizable NEF weapons, from kits.
New NERF Identity
Proposed in my interactive class. My whole concept was the creation of a NERFSMITH system, that made regular NERF customers Nerfsmiths. Instead of coming fully assembled, Nerfsmiths’ create customizable kits, with blaster parts and put them together themselves.
Stat Tracking
This would be the new packaging, since the nerfsmith selects the parts that go into their kits. Each package is labeled with the individual's user name at the top and a bar of their kit progress. What I wanted to set up was a kit progression system, that allowed players to pick from a variety of difficulties with the kits. Each players progress is recored so they are shown a progress bar at the bottom to explore how much experience they have gained in order to move to a new kit level. Players gain more experience as they continue to explore and create kits. In this way the experience grows as the player grows as well and becomes better at making better, more efficient NERF blasters. 
There are 5 different tiers of kits:
Gaining Experience
Achievemt/Award System
Nerf Workbench
With this idea, I wanted to further facilitate the idea of nerfsmith’s so I made the workbench to serve as a blank canvas for them to set up as they like, and build within the space. It starts off blank, and nerfsmith’s would go to any of the menu selections, and drag them onto their workspace, and arrange them as they please. As nerfsmith’s become more comfortable with the tools and the workspace, they will then develop different working set ups that might work better for them. Giving them a flexible system that allows them to grow, and explore different techniques.
Mobile toolbox
This serves as a mobile app to allow players access to nerfsmithing tools on the go so they can access certain info and stats in game. Players, can select game modes, from the toolbox, as well as having access to stat info, and profile information.