Who’s afraid of Aglaya?

Flames reaching the ceiling, from the sizzling pans straight to the client - served at greaseproof paper; famously known in Greek as “ladokola”. Ivan the calf, Ippolit the rooster, Raskolnika the sheep, and Nastasya the pig, are in a never-ending adventure trying to escape the hungry tiger, Aglaya. In order to be saved, they created a whole factory to satisfy Aglaya’s unsatisfiable hunger. The characters were illustrated around some core figures in Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot”, and elements from those figures were adopted for the Food Factory identity.

phantom 2018​​​​​​​
The punk sheep. Α disowned outcast,
dark and resourceful, mysterious
and a genuine graduate of the "life university".

The sickly and alcohol-loving rooster that identifies
a retsina (Greek resinated wine) brand on its bottle
from 12km away, with one eye open. His monologues
are endless and dramatic, as is his clarity and wisdom.

The erotic pig. A femme fatale that can enchant
using both her charming character and her spicy appearance.
A true believer of the “Love goes through the stomach” doctrine, 
fiery and feisty.

Ivan the calf.
The tranquil power. The gentle giant.
And all other cliches that have ever been said of calm big guys.

A tiger that grew up with endless love and care,
with everyone’s eyes on her because of her wild and exotic beauty,
a fact that explains her often spoilt and arrogant behaviour.

branding/illustration: Phantom
art direction: Phantom
photography: Stefanos Tsakiris

Food Factory

Food Factory

Flames reaching the ceiling, sizzling pans and straight to greaseproof paper (famously known in Greek as “ladokola”). Ivan the calf, Ippolit the Read More