Digital Retox* is Disruptive Marketing Conference where Prague’s digital creatives descended upon our little get together at the independent cinema ‘Kino Pilotu’ not far from the Brainz studio in the center of the city and were generously rewarded with a healthy intoxication of all things disruptive (and maybe some alcohol).

We filled every inch of the art deco building with talks, interactive tech and a selection of our project case studies for visitors to listen, engage and educate across a diverse set of industry topics.​​​​​​​

* UrbanDictionary: Retox is the opposite of detox. To fill ones body with toxins after a cleansing period.

In the Business hall we had speakers covering the stars of today technology: AI and VR. Startup representatives and marketers talked about AIs and VRs influence on various business territories and stood strong as living proof that disrupting their universe with innovative technologies was a hella good idea.

In the Workshop hall we went more interactive and showed our recent works. We revealed more about the process behind coming up and actually realizing IOT products and we, of course shared how we implemented these masterpieces into running business.

As for the third hall, that was simply a playground for all the VR geeks! Room of installations that we produced for our clients was The Place To Be That Night - anyone and everyone could enjoy a nice ride in Škoda Auto, experience the occupation with Czech Radio, have a look around Brit or sledge their way through Czech history with Winter Olympic Games in Pchong Jang.