Kazama Hideo Densetsu 2018
                      Kazama Hideo Densetsu 2018
                                          (Legend of the Wind Demon Heroes)
Tale 38 : A stroll in the Ashdown forest
Inspired by a famous children book.

Tale 29 : Adventure in the land of dead  
Inspired by Coco, one of the most touching animation last year.

Tale 31 : The Journey Begins 
Inspired by Dragonball

Tale 39 : Broly
Villain series number 5, Legendary Saiyan  

Tale 37 : Raditz
Villain series number 4.

Tale 36 : Bowsette
Villain series number 3.

Tale 35 : Sorceress Queen Rita
Villain series number 2

Tale 34 : The Trickster Loki
Villain series number 1 

Tale 33 : Along with the dragon
Inspired by The Good Dinosaur.

Tale 32 : The Red Devil
Inspired by Sakuragi Hanamichi from Slam Dunk!

Tale 30 : Goodbye so soon
Inspired by one of the saddest scene in infinity war.
Tale 28 : Battle of the Innugami 
Inspired by inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi sensai!

Tale 27 : A legend is born 
Another Childhood memory~ 
This series mainly focus on the current trend like game, movie and etc. 
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Kazama Hideo Densetsu 2018

Kazama Hideo Densetsu 2018

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