Windows 10 Start Menu Refresh
Elements compacted & better aligned 
Tile corners changed from 2px to 4px
Replaced "Facebook" with "Netflix"
Fixed Start button spacing and aligned elements to the left
Re-arranged Office tiles to the left side of start menu
"Recently opened files" has been changed to "Last opened by you" to reflect the new Office 2019 launchpad
Changed "Frequently used apps" to "Recently used" This was to suggest the last opened app so you can jump straight in. Frequently used apps would most likely be pinned to Start as suggested by the community. 
Instagram swapped for OneDrive and positioned changed within menu
InDesign file changed to a PowerPoint document
File extension icons updated
*Feedback Hub icon is temporary until I can design a better alternative
Search box has a lighter or darker (dependant on system theme) border by 1px
Transparent Tiles are less transparent by 10% so that no matter the app (even Office) they are transparent without loosing too much of their native branding colour. 
Search box height changed to fit more snug within the Taskbar. ​​​​​​​

Wallpapers used

Desert Coyote:
Surface Pro 6 Wallpaper:
Ambitious Colours:
Ocean Sunset:
Closest thing to Paradise on Earth:
Abstract Fluid:
Orange Cavern:


Windows 10 Start Menu Refresh

Windows 10 Start Menu Refresh

Windows 10 Start Menu concept inspired by Office 2019


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