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Alienation – What Alienates you?
Alienation expresses itself in different ways by different 
people in many parts of society. It is found in what our 
courts often describe as criminal anti-social behaviour
It is felt by young people who want to opt out of society
drop outs, the so-called maladjusted, and those who 
seek to permanently escape from the reality of society 
through intoxicants and narcotics. It is also the frustration 
of ordinary people who are excluded from the processes
of decision making. 

Alienation is the feeling of despair and hopelessness 
that pervades people who feel with justification that they 
have no real say in determining their own destinies
Many may not be able to rationalize their experience 
with alienation, understand it, or be able to articulate it. 
But they feel it. Alienation therefore conditions and 
colours their social attitudes.

Alienation written by James Reid
University of Glasgow Publication

This is a poster designed for James Reid's lecture on 
alienation. To keep a visual consistency on the project,
same iconographic graphic and typographic style are
applied to all poster, pamphlet, pop-up event and video.

Background icons communicate with the audiences 
through connotation, illustrating what brings pressure 
to people in contemporary society.  Those icons 
surround three fighting figures, pressuring them, 
leading them to a situation of conflict. 

In the beginning of the project, I want the audiences 
to visually see the pressure coming and feel the density
But alienation is such a heavy topic, the word itself 
contains many difficult subjects that people have to bare 
with every single day. In order to communicate a hard topic in a way
that does not abuse the audiences' feelings
the poster appeals to the audiences in a fun comic 
way and introduces the through the graphics.

For Karl Marx, alienation in modern society
means loss of control, specifically the loss of 
control over labor. In response, Marx developed 
a materialist theory of how human beings were
shaped by the society they lived in, and also how 
they could act to change that society. For Marx, 
alienation was not rooted in the mind or in 
religion, as it was for his predecessors Hegel and 
Feuerbach. Instead Marx understood alienation
as something rooted in the material world.

Society and its prevailing focus on material value 
leads to another form of alienation. Materialism 
partially dehumanizes some people, makes them 
insensitive and ruthless in their handling of fellow 
human beings, as well as self-centred and grasping.
The irony is, these types of people are often considered 
normal and well adjusted by modern standards.

POP- UP EVENT​​​​​​​
The 3D Pop-up Event are made for promoting the 
event, attracting more pedestrians’ attentions and 
hand out pamphlets to visitor. However, the most 
important function of this installation is to involve 
everyone into a socially engaging experience, regardless 
of age, gender or occupation. Because, together we can 
turn alienation around. It serves to help explain why 
alienation exist around us, and how to solve this 
problem as a group.  

How the installation work?

The installation is a 8 feet tall cylinder, separated into 
4 layers. All layers are turnable. Simultaneously, all layers
can turn into separation and also into alignment. 

Concept and Design Development
Art Directions

Instructed by Frederick Burbach
Designed by Ruizhou Li

Alienation – What Alienates you?

Alienation – What Alienates you?