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    I started a side project this year to trade portraits with friends who happen to also be artists I look up to. Here is the first few.
This year I decided to start a small side project where I trade portraits with fellow artists I know.
It started out when I didn't have anything interesting in mind to draw, so I decided to trade portraits with my friend Tokwa. Since then I've asked different illustrators, cartoonists, and photographers I look up to to also join in, some have asked me, too? Yeah. I thought it would be a worthwhile sort of thing while I wait for other illustration jobs to come in the pipeline. These are the first few.
Tokwa Penaflorida (http://www.behance.net/tokwap)
Me as interpreted by Tokwa. His character Tokwa (Filipino for Tofu) is on the shirt. There's a Filipino dish called Tokwa't Baboy (Tofu and Pig, the meal is exactly that) that he illustrated where Tokwa (the guy on the shirt) hung out with his friend Baboy. It is amazing and I want to see it as a children's book drawn by Tokwa (the guy who drew this)
Celina De Guzman (http://behance.net/celdee)
Me as done by Cel. Cel is a good friend of mine, she likes goldfish, and is pretty damn great at art.
Michelle Cervantes (SHE'S ONLY 17?!?!) (http://themichlife.tumblr.com)
Me. The inside joke is if you look at my facebook profile pictures, I'd always be wearing the helvetiburger shirt. I thought it would have been funny since when I get featured in something, I'd wear the exact same shirt, just to sort of have it be a unique thing. I guess Mich is sick of it? Hahahaha
It's Dan Dingeroz! The best tee designer I know (http://www.behance.net/dandingeroz)
By Dan! I like how he included different monster type creatures as I do that with my art stuff, so I tried emulating his style too for his portrait.