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    Logos I designed between 2008 and 2015.
Cantina dei Colli Ripani is a young wine cooperative bolstered by over 330 local producers.
Koiré is a brand from the world of beauty and pharmaceutical treatments.
#33 is a real estate agency with an innovative approach to business
White Blue is an events agency that organizes events in Cortina D'Ampezzo and in Portofino.
The graphic sign represents the route from Cortina to Portofino.
Valle Verde means "Green Valley".
AMICUS For AIDS is the public outreach campaign of the Global Consortium for Immunotherapy. AMICUS believes that it is in our mutual self-interest to become more altruistic, and altruism can be defined as active compassion. The childish artwork represent a multitude of cells that are also a multitude of people that together fights against the virus.
ME is the logo of Matteo Engolli, an italian photographer.
"Make it perfect" it's a blog about the beauty, the perfection and creativity of the charming world of private events like ceremonies, birthday and dinners.
A new graphic identity for Davide Cenci Junior was needed when Davide Cenci reopened its children’s department just around the corner from the Rome flagship store in Piazza Campo Marzio.
For Davide Cenci Junior we introduced a new corporate color: Pastel Green. Moreover to further distinguish the new department, we used a childish handmade typography.
The Consortium for the protection of Franciacorta aims to enhance
and protect the territory of Franciacorta wine.
Tu puoi dare la vita ("You can give life") it is an awareness campaign for organ donation.
UNIVERSO Social Cooperative Onlus is the results of the decennial experience
of the Cisco Local Academy at the House of Detention Milan-Bollate and is part of a project
of training, rehabilitation, approach to work and social reintegration of inmates,
in agreement with the Ministry of Justice.