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    Sletat.ru logo design.
One day Vladimir from the company Sletat.ru contacted me and asked me to design a logo for their travel search engine. Everyone can find a suitable travel tour on Sletat.ru. Sletat is 'to fly' in English.

The logo design task supposed using associations with figures 1 and 0, but I thought it wasn't suitable for a traveling company, it would rather do for a soft company. 

Here are some first ideas for the logo: 
- a magnifying glass as a metaphor of search, 
- stylized S,
- a jet flying around the Earth. 
Instead of 1 and 0, I suggested using the @ symbol which is also indicating the IT sphere.
It was decided to realize this idea.
But then I decided that the realization of the idea came out to be too plain. 
The second try.

I drew some sketches once again. 
I designed a type. 
I select the corporate color palette.  
The approved logo. 
Vladimir: «I like it so much! Thanks for your work!»