2019 Graphic Design Trends
2019 Graphic Design Trends
Staying on trend is pretty important in the graphic design world, At Yes we feel that trends are nothing new, chances are everything has already been done before but they simply
re-emerge every 20 to 30 years later into a modern contemporary style! With so many cool trends evolving here are some Graphic Design Trends Predictions for 2019!
1| Motion Design
There will be a rise of motion design which will be used for communication in illustrations, logos, websites, UI/UX and social media marketing!
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2| Isometric Design
Combining illustration with isometric type can create cool compositions. Expect to see more isometric illustrations with large typography!
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3| 80’s and 90’s
80’s and 90’s inspired designs will continue to influence the design world. Expect more bright colours, geometric shapes and retro graphics!
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4| Big Limbs illustration
The audience will be drawn to quirky characters illustrations. Big limbs and small head/face style will become popular!
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5 | Sliced Images
This abstract style, when used sparingly can create cool, fun composition and bring an boring image to life!
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6| Bright Colours
Experiment with bold and bright colour combinations! Pink colour will be very trendy!
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7| Noisy Textures
Using noisy textures will add depth to your artwork and will be popular in illustrations as it can be used to add shadow, highlight and depth!
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8| Custom Handlettering
Digital & traditional handlettering are still very popular. As we move more digital, people are also drawn to traditional handlettering designs!

9| Mixed Media Design
Mobile apps such as Procreate makes it easy and faster to combine photos and illustrations together to create fun mixed- media compositions!
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10 |Gradients Mesh
Gradient colouring have always been popular! we will see designers mixing meshes with gradients in 2019!
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Happy creative 2019!

2019 Graphic Design Trends