Rustelematica is a security service provider for thousands of businesses and homes in Russia. When someone presses an alarm button or a security sensor detects unusual activity, the operators inside the control center manage the alarm, call the police or a private security company, contact the property owner and perform a lot of other related tasks.

Before inviting me, operators have worked with the old control center software, which looked and acted in very enterprisish way. For example, it took countless actions to manage a single alarm while the visual elegance of the UI can be easily judged:
Working in close (albeit remote) contact with operators and their head I have eliminated tedious operations and made the UI more fluent and efficient: in the old UI users had to contstantly navigate between various screens while in my UI 90% of action happens on a single screen. Also, I took great pains to eliminate memory load for opetators, as managing most alarms takes a long time with constant interruptions and it's easy for users to forget past details:
The new design is intended to utilize commercial UI library so that there is no visual design at all.
Besides backend, I have designed the UI for the Rustelematica clients. Due to consideration of development costs across platforms (web, iOS, Android), UI is based on a nacked Material Design with customized colors only.
Last, but not the least, I have updated the Rustelematica logo. The old one was too abstract and someway hard to use on phisical devices and in interfaces. In a security business you can't be more direct than with a shield.