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Bon Voyage! — Video Game

Bon Voyage! is a multiplayer video game about mass-tourism. Each player gets to manage a 
crowd of clumsy tourists through different worlds : we developed the first two levels 
(airport and amusement park) during our master degree at Gobelins School in Paris.

Project designed by Jantana Hennard & Kim Baschet.
Game assets made in Maya LT, concept arts in Cinema 4D & Octane.
Game developed in Unity.

Level #1 : The Airport - Call of Duty Free


Level #2 : The Amusement Park - Panic! at the funfair


Feel free to contact us on our Twitter account if you have 
any further questions regarding the game 😊
Bon Voyage! — Video Game

Bon Voyage! — Video Game

Bon Voyage!is a funny cooperative game in 3D. With your teamate you will have to guide a crowd of clumsy tourists during their tour. Players have Read More