Originally organised as a street parade celebration of sorts in view of the ban on firecrackers in Singapore, the Chingay parade has evolved over the years to become that single parade that is (almost) equivalent in pomp and celebratory value to the Mardi Gras. It has definitely evolved itself over the years, with more international participants, while still retaining its core Chinese New Year-centric roots. Though it has evolved, it is still spectacular in every way, and is one parade in the Singapore calendar of festivals that some photographers would add in into their calendars!
In recent times, the Chingay procession has been brought into the residential neighbourhoods, with the idea of getting as many of the locals into the celebratory act as the organisers can, albeit without the international participants. Though the magniture and pomp of this neighbourhood-versions of the parade is of a lesser scale, nonetheless it still manages to bring out the residents from their otherwise homely existence, especially on a hot weekend evening.
It was around my neighbourhood this year, over the last weekend, and here are some snapshots that I have managed to capture, but NOT of the procession nor the parade, but of the people who did took the effort to come out from their cosy homes to partake in the celebrations.
Irfan Darian