​​​​​​​Brand Overview ​​​​​​​
HANBOK CULTURE WEEK is a brand to arouse people’s interest in traditional Korean clothing “Hanbok” and publicize its excellence, and industrial and cultural values globally. ‘Day of Hanbok Festival’, technically the origin of HANBOK CULTURE WEEK, started in 1997, but It had remained only as a one day event without a certain concept of brand. Moreover, interacting with the public on the basis of inconsistent identity and brand’s tone&manner which have continued to change for 20 years, It has even left an out-of-date, conservative impression. 
But in 2018, the brand name ‘Day of Hanbok’ was renamed as ‘HANBOK CULTURE WEEK’ by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Craft and Design Foundation, and Hanbok Advancement Center, and this has led to the expansion of the business into Hanbok travel, education, exhibition, and fashion show. Accordingly, a previous one-day event which used to be held in Seoul has become a week-long event to be held throughout the nation. It also leads various brand activities after an event ends in order to break from the stereotyped image of Hanbok and promote creation of dynamic culture.

According to the expansion of business field, event period and spot, as well as the establishment of brand identity, ‘HANBOK CULTURE WEEK’ needed definite brand strategy and identity to deliver new brand value to the public, and also a visual identity system to operate HANBOK CULTURE WEEK’s events and business fields (Opening & Closing Ceremony/ Fashion Show / Education / Tourism / Exhibition / Store) in various categories in a more effective way.

Brand Goal
Hanbok is traditional Korean clothing with a history over 1600 years. But in modern days, It has been somewhat neglected by people according to an increasing need for Western clothing, and consequently, it has become regarded as an old-fashioned, out-of-date thing in Korea. Especially for young people leading pop culture, it has been shunned as unfunctional clothing that is even uncomfortable to wear. So HANBOK CULTURE WEEK has set brand goals to escape from such an out-of-date image and make people familiar with Hanbok in daily lives. 

BX Core Values 
HANBOK CULTURE WEEK has a wide range of targets – from babies who wear Hanbok on the first birthday for the first time in their life to Hanbok designers who inherit traditional Hanbok culture and reinterpret it in a modern way, and even president who wears Hanbok at an important national event. In particular, HANBOK CULTURE WEEK sets people in their 10s to 30s as the key target on the basis of the survey results that the target group aged 10s to 30s is poorer than any other groups in the public, and also establishes the brand experience strategy, taking every age group into account.

Brand Identity Design Development 
HANBOK CULTURE WEEK’s brand identity design has been developed based on the brand identity and brand experience strategy defined earlier. With dynamic, extensible design, HANBOK CULTURE WEEK inspires people with a brand image of possibility to which the public could easily get access anytime, anywhere. In addition to the brand design, it also creates the brand image that inherits the traditional culture in accordance with the modern trend, by developing more elegant and refined design through various event programs and PR activities. Developing intuitive and bright design so for consumers’ better understanding, HANBOK CULTURE WEEK aims to create the brand image that makes steady efforts to help men and women of all ages easily experience Hanbok. 

Brand Design Concept 
HANBOK CULTURE WEEK’s brand logo starts from Hanbok culture platform that people of all ages and sexes could enjoy. It is designed to show colorful and dynamic pleasure of the brand by visualizing various factors existing in traditional Korean clothing ‘Hanbok’, such as jeogori, skirt, lucky bag, beoseon, gat, and folding fan, as key visuals, and connecting features of each material with various Hanbok culture programs carried out by HANBOK CULTURE WEEK. 

Brand Logo
Brand logo is made on the basis of formativeness of Hanbok’s various factors visualized as key visuals and those visual regularities. It delivers a consistent brand identity by reflecting formativeness of the key visuals without impeding readability of the entire logo. 

Brand Color 
HANBOK CULTURE WEEK’s brand color is based on the colors of Hanbok that Korean ancestors loved to wear and also the colors of the Yin-Yang and Five Elements that were often used for Korean royal palaces, like Gyeongbokgung Palace, and such architectures. Those colors are designated according to HANBOK CULTURE WEEK’s various programs to deliver colorful characters of the brand. 

Brand Typography
Neutral and modern Gothic A1 was chosen as the brand typography to maximize the impression of the brand that inherits the traditional material, Hanbok, in accordance with the modern trend. As Gothic A1 accentuates the beauty of space, particularly when strokes of types are positioned in place, It is able to deliver information hierarchically.
Also as It is designed to express traditional decorations of Hanbok, like embroidery and gold/silver leaf, as below, It provides text information intuitively and at the same time, realizes a more impressive brand identity through strong visualization.

Brand Key Visual 
Key visuals generally used throughout the brand design are based on various factors of Hanbok, such as Jeogori, Chima, Bok Jumoni, Bojagi, Buchoe, Beoseon, and Gat. Key visuals combined with picture images deliver diverse images of the brand with consistent look and feel through various communication touchpoints. 

Brand Experience Design
It shows the features of Hanbok culture platform which anyone can easily access and enjoy through dynamic, intuitive look and feel of the brand, by using the logo, colors, key visuals, and pictures that reinterpret the tradition of Korea in a modern way. Also, applying those factors consistently to various media, such as advertisements, leaflets, banners, goods, and website, without boundaries, it strongly provides consumers with HANBOK CULTURE WEEK’s special brand experience. 

Brand Strategy / Brand Identity Design / BX Design
August 2018

KOREA Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
KOREA Craft & Design Foundation
Hanbok Advanced Center

Sunyoung Park, Jungsu Kim, Jaekyo Kim

Tyodi Hyojin Lee (@tyodi), Hyunwoo Kim (@squirrelook)


HANBOK CULTURE WEEK, Brand Experience Design

HANBOK CULTURE WEEK, Brand Experience Design

HANBOK CULTURE WEEK is a brand to arouse people’s interest in traditional Korean clothing “Hanbok” and publicize its excellence, and industrial a Read More


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