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    An illustration I did as part of an apprenticeship application for Reebok.
Form Will Follow
This was a project I did to apply for an apprenticeship at Reebok. The point of the project was to demonstrate your knowledge of their brand, and show a complicated project. By the time I found this opportunity I only had about a week to do an illustration, mock everything up, organize a portfolio and explain my concept and my research. Needless to say I didn't sleep much, but I enjoyed the process and am super happy with the results. Now it's just waiting game.
A little explanation of the piece: I took two of their campaigns, Pick Me and Live With Fire and combined them. The Pick Me campaign is all about their athletes whereas Live With Fire focuses on regular people. I thought it would be interesting to highlight the amount of practice and training professional athletes go through and tried to relate it back to the everyday person.
Hope you like it and wish me luck!