2010 - This project showcases my drawing skills from my portraiture work I completed at A-Level Fine Art, my final A-Level Grade was a 'B', quite harsh and disappointing to not get an 'A' overall, which I was expected to. 
These two images are of a friend who pushed his face against a large piece of perspex in a style of an exceptional artist, Jenny Saville. The final effect was very interesting showing alot of unnartural detail in the face and the expression which was my intention.
Classmate for a different project.
The final 6 images are portraits based on the Seven Ages of Man by William Shakespeare which was the topic I chose to showcase my skills and portfolio on. I hope you like the final images I have shown in this project.
Family Member #1
Classmate #2
Classmate #3
Family member #2
Former teacher.
Family member.