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Bedroom and bathroom renovation.

May 2018. Individual project. Bedroom and bathroom renovation.

Haussmanian architecture apartment, in 8th district of Paris.

Outside of work, I sometimes work on interior architecture projects: here, my client wanted to modernize her bedroom and her en suite bathroom.

Here’s the problems I had to tackle:

The hot-water tank was initially in a different room resulting in mild to cold water in the bathroom. It could not be placed inside the bathroom as it is only 4sq meters.
The heater’s settings were configured at building level
The shower was on a different level from the floor, making it dangerous to step into the cabin.
The pipe connecting sink was visible.
The lighting was inadequate and inefficient.
There were no tiles except above the sink and shower.

How did I solve those issues?
A large closet had a common wall with the bathroom so I suggested that the hot-water tank was hidden in that closet.
I suggested buying vertical towel radiators to warm up the bathroom during seasons when central heating is not turned on.

The structure of the room was completely changed with the shower taking place of the sink to create an Italian shower that’s on the same level as the floor. I designed a casing to hide the pipes and work as a stand for shower gels, shampoo and other care products.

Lighting now works with leds with are embedded in the ceiling and there is light from the bathroom mirror.

We then contracted with Monceau Renovation to start the construction work.


Two thirds of the wall height had recently been painted in a vanilla colour. Also curtains, bedclothes and rugs were predominantly of Maya blue, gold and mustard yellow colors.

Before renovation, the furniture was in a nineteenth century French style cherry wood. The bedside table and the wardrobe looked heavy, dark and imposing.

The aim was to make the room visually lighter and increase the storage spaces.

So I suggested a bed with space underneath to store bedclothes. For comfort and style, I Pierre Frey fabrics perfect for the bed’s headboard — we went for a straw-coloured one. Regarding the bedside table, we picked one that was half-open in order to allow for easy access to a computer or books.

For the chest of drawers, I suggested a Ligne Roset DITA series designed by Pagnon and Pelhaître — this model brings a very modern style to the room and makes it breathe thanks to its aerial structure. The frame is made of 15mm-thick aluminium with a brushed bronze finish. I chose a lacquered azure blue for the sides and main plate, and personalized it with a tray at the bottom to put some bags or accessories.

Finally, I worked on a custom wardrobe that would be fully integrated into the wall. I advised for large mirror panels to make the room look bigger. Mat gold mount was added around the frame to remind of the ceiling’s mouldings. We went for oak wood for the vertical panels, similarly to the bed structure.
Bedroom and bathroom renovation.

Bedroom and bathroom renovation.