The All Our Children project was a magazine ad for a PBS documentary airing on television about American young people who suffer from all manners of crises that hinder their abilities to live good lives.
For my first version of this project, I relied heavily on the use of texture and dramatic lighting to convey a sense of dismay and suffering without using straightforward imagery. Feedback from my professor and peers indicated that this had more of a horror movie feeling, so perhaps the textures could be different to take a little away from that, while retaining a level of discomfort.
The second version attempted to convey the same unease as before, but by only using type. The title and other selected bits of information were deconstructed to provide what I felt was an overall sense of unrest, while the main copy was kept on a simple and clean grid for readability. I feel like the lack of any imagery makes this version suffer.
This third version takes some of the deconstructed type qualities from the second version but with some imagery. I also implemented some parts of a glitched image to indicate that a single young person in this seemingly happy family is experiencing something "out of the ordinary" or unsettling that may even be going unnoticed. I tried to give it some context by applying parts of the same image effect to the words "youth in crisis" above the figure. Feedback I've received includes showing the glitch with more elements of the text and trying to make it appear more attached to the single girl. I agree with the feedback and will add a newer version soon.