Pitch/Me — Card Game for Designers

2018  |  Game  |  Academic

is a card game designed by designers for designers and has the goal to help you open up your mind to new ideas, warm you up for a working day, take a little creative break, give you a new perspective on your projects, for sheer fun or/and pretty much whatever else you might wanna use it for. The point is being creative ;)​​​​​​​
The game consists of three piles of cards, one for each CMYK color.
One will tell you what you're designing, the second will tell you your client, and the third your final customer or audience.
It's a quick exercise, so don't get too caught up in it. Time it for extra fun and extra funny looking results!


The game was then tried out by all who attended the Creative Thursday event at Spaceshack Berlin, organized by the students and teacher in combination with the co-working space that hold professionals from all areas.

Anastasia Kalina

Special Thank you to Jenny Bergstrom and Spaceshack

Pitch/Me — Card Game for Designers
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Camila de Oliveira