All terrain Rescue/Utility/Powersport vehicle
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It all started with a painting above.
The illustration was made for Autodesk 2011 calendar ...

... and it went up to concept pictured bellow: 

Track-E 01: Pre-production prototype of the eco-friendly personal tracked vehicle.
Track-E with Ollie,  ATV racer and the Czech and German champion
Author himself. ;-)
Pre-viz with Alias and Keyshot
Physical prototype
Behind the scenes ...

Track-E 00

Green personal tracked vehicle. One of early concepts with autonomous track unit.
Utility personal tracked vehicle based on the gasoline powered experimental prototype.
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As a proof of a concept, an experimental prototype was built. Although the main scope was to quickly evaluate how the machine is controllable, the result is perfectly drivable and fun to play with. And to work with ;-)
Early prototypes
Autonomous track unit: Examples of use.