Being a professional designer and motor racing enthusiast myself, I noticed an increased interest on social media for design-related topics in the sport. Designers like Sean Bull and Tim Holmes came through the ranks and their concept designs got a lot of attention by racing fans and professionals involved in the sport.

This inspired me to create a platform for all topics related to design in motor racing, both to make such projects easily available to the public and give upcoming motorsport designers a platform to showcase their work and process. The other benefit for me was that a blog like this would give me the chance to sharpen my skills in writing which I've always liked to do on the side.

In late 2017, established designers Brandon Seaber and Julio Marquez Camarena joined me in setting up the project. After coming up with the name Between Racing Lines and the rough branding, I set up the custom website and we put together the first couple of articles. Between Racing Lines and its Twitter and Instagram channels finally went live in January 2018 after roughly three months of preparation.

Since then, we've covered many stories on designers working on the industry and gained (and hopefully provided) some interesting insights in the process of creating liveries, helmets and prints for racing drivers and teams.

About half a year after the initial launch, we slightly overhauled the logo and I rebuilt the website for a stronger visual impact and better accommodation of our social media channels.


You can visit our Website on and follow us on Twitter @btwnracinglines and Instagram @betweenracinglines

Between Racing Lines