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    Ranch resort hotel green ranch resort hotel design concept
Ranch Resort Hotel is an interior project which emerge from many problem such as the occupancy rate problem, green design issue, global warming, environment problem ,and unexplored  local commodity Agrotourism
An Idea to explore more potential and give more added value to productive field.
This project goal is to create an independent resort hotel that provides education, recreation,and  lodging that take  it’ s all dairy needs from its own facilities and still preserve the environment.
This project is one solution for tourism problem in Indonesia especially for a paradigm that an area need further tourism facilities but  in contrary make it ’s own environment get threatened .
The main concern in this design is the air circulation .Air circulation is an important aspect  in Indonesia hospitality design field, because of the hot and wet climate . The Design of air circulation system is to utilize the nature of air , ”move”. There are air vents at the bottom of wall that make heavier cold air come into the room and the heat that have lighter weight come out through the upper wall vents