Paraglider "Buko" glides the Philippine flag during the opening of the last day of the 18th International Hot Air Balloon Festival at a gloomy sunday morning on Clark Airfield, Pampanga Philippines.
PAMPANGA, PHILIPPINES - The Hot Air Balloon Festival is an Annual event where hot air balloon around the globe gather to fly their balloon in Clark Air Field.
Twenty-five hot air balloons took off to the sky at 5:30am in a Sunday morning for a Hare and Hound event. A "Hare" is where a balloon fly first then other balloons run after it for a race. Unfortunately some balloons failed to take off.
Pennsylvanian Balloon lifts off and waves a good bye.
Brietling Jet team and their acrobatic supersonic jets perform a 18-20 mins. of aerial display,  includes close formation flying, opposition passes, solo routines and synchronized maneuvers.
 The team flies displays across Europe and the Middle East and each year undertakes a busy schedule of engagements, including major international air shows and Breitling corporate events.
This is the largest civilian aerobatic display team in Europe. Based in Dijon, France, they fly seven Aero L-39 Albatros jets, with the exception of Friday, February 22, each day of the Philippine's premier air show
Kites are also present ang lively in the event during the fiesta.
Audience of the Aviation event flys big colorful kites during a sunday morning at Omni Aviation, Clark Pamapnga, Philippines.
A girl happily jump while watching her father launch her kite into the air.
Hot air ballloon participants prepares for the Hot air balloon nightglow firing flame ingintions in to the air while the audience enjoys kite flying during the sunset.
Event staffs folds the balloons, getting ready to pack up during sunset.
Hot Air Balloon Nightglows.
Fireworks during the nightglow and a toast to another succesful flight.