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Design for Vehicle Health Monitoring System

Design for Vehicle Health Monitoring System
Tags: Augmented Reality, HCI (Human-computer Interaction) Research, HCI Design, User Experience Design, Data Visualisation, Design for Machine Learning

This project was done while working with Conduent Labs India along with a team of Machine Learning & Computer Vision Experts, HCI Researchers, Data Scientists and Developers

My Contribution 
HCI Research, Design - System Architecture, Interaction Design, Data visualisation, UI/ UX Design, Design Prototype
Standard Vehicle Maintenance Activities
The services industry has spent nearly 3 Billion Dollars for vehicle maintenance activities which include administration, inspection, maintenance, and servicing (cleaning, fuelling, etc.) on revenue and non-revenue (service) vehicle. 
The transit agencies employ a number of maintenance personnel to perform these tasks; however the maintenance is retrospective in nature, with ad-hoc and in-situ decisions taken.
Information flow process
There are many multi-party conversations that occur about the vehicles health.
Pain points in the process
 • There are many players involved
 • There are multiple connecting conversations
 • These conversations are through various mediums
 • Assimilation of data is time consuming
 • Context is often lost due to long documentation processes
 • Due to the above, maintenance process is expensive and error prone
System Design & Introduction of Blended Reality 

The motive of the design is to create a decision support system to provide insights and recommendations about vehicle health and longevity that can be used within the confines of a garage. This is where Blended Reality comes into play. The immersive augmented reality solution allows maintenance personnel to get dynamic insights about the vehicle's health effortlessly, with a hand-held device reducing the downtime of the vehicle.

The system features Remaining Life of components, Incident occurrence,
Vehicle Emission details and recommendations for preventive maintenance.
Research Publication
gAR-age: A Feedback-Enabled Blended Ecosystem for Vehicle Health Monitoring
Authors : Sitara Shah, Snigdha Petluru, Rishabh Singh, Saurabh Srivastava (Conduent Labs India, Bangalore, India)
Published : AutomotiveUI '18 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications
“gAR-age" is an ecosystem that enables maintenance personnel to interact with both worlds in a common setting. By learning from historical changes in vehicular components, user behavior, and feedback, this blended ecosystem allows multi-channel communication among users, featuring personalized contextual insights, thereby enabling users to make data-driven decision on the fly. ​​​​​​​
Design for Vehicle Health Monitoring System

Design for Vehicle Health Monitoring System

Design for Vehicle Health Monitoring System