Bulthaup - Kitchen Architecture

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  • Bulthaup - Kitchen Architecture

    During my student placement, I have been involved in various projects for amazing customers. Design, show room decoration, site surveys, client research from Wikipedia :)  film making, sales and a bit of project management. Obviously I loved the "office in the Kitchen" or "kitchen in the office" show room set up, as we know: Kitchen is a living place. Where the best party starts and finishes.  Cooking, tea making and learning some tricks from chef Heston Blumenthal was an awsome experience.
  • Factory visit in Munchen, getting to know more about the relationship with BAUHAUS and touch those gorgeous laminates and fine brushed steel was great. I have been on many trainings about various appliances souch as GAGGENAU, SIEMENS, WOLF, Miele, so I am up to date! Bulthaup is the Porche of Kitchens, exremely well engineered details and the Holistic, minimalistic style. It's been a pleasure to work there.
  • And the office...Design for the future Putney Show Room