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interior & product design, 2005 -
INTEGRAL Ruedi Baur Paris has designed the Köln Bonn Airport visual ID in Germany in 2004.
When I was an intern at Integral Ruedi Baur in 2005, I have worked on 4 projects related to the airport identity :
• the interior design concept of 1 of the terminals,
• a study and report on the implementation of the signage on site,
• a range of merchandise,
• a baby carriage
• Concept of interior design for airport terminal
interior design

With my tutor Karim Sabano architect, we work on a proposal for the development of one of the airport terminal.
The idea here is to break with the dated existing space which was divided in sections (shopping, waiting, eating) and to create an open and luminous space where all these functions fuse to provide a maximum of comfort to the traveller.
My role on this part of the project was to realize the concept drawings and then to define and design the furniture elements.
• existing terminal
• Our proposal: a modular open-space, where eating shopping and waiting occur in a same area.
The space is designed around a central column following the shape of the building (the building has a star-shape with gates in its branches)
• Every element of the interior is modular and, like a Lego set, can be arranged in different ways.
• Research on furnitures and functions
• All furniture elements are shaping from the floor, as if the ground and the seats, tables and counters were 1 single unit.
• Form research : the floor becomes the seat and the counters
• From 2D to 3D

Range of  merchandise, designed from the pictograms of the visual identity of the Köln Bonn Airport. The full range includes 18 products, of which 5 were produced and sold at the airport shops in 2006.
My role on this project was to design the products and find the manufacturers.
• KBA visual ID's pictogrammes
• A baby carriage for KBA,
product design
Proposition of baby carriage on the occasion of the sponsoring of the Köln Bonn Airport by the German model Heidi Klum, then pregnant at that time.
Based on the strong graphic identity of the airport,the baby carriage is similar to an image, at the same time 2D and 3D object. It is a "pop-up" object : the arches stretch to form the object.
• The baby carriage : a 3D-2D product
form research
• 3D view of the product
Koln Bonn Airport

Koln Bonn Airport

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