БОГЕМНЫЙ ДВИЖ is a community of young creators from Saint Petersburg. We have to know each other at private parties for art, theater, film and music universities. On these underground meetings, the brightest representatives of St. Petersburg united.
Now artists join the community to share experience, collaborate and get support for their projects. We initiate, discuss, produce and review art-projects; find and capture styles, trends and ideas of our generation; hold cultural events, record podcasts and publish a magazine about artists.

UNITY is our first festival took place in the giant hangar of Sevkabel Port (1500 м²) in St. Petersburg. We installed two dance floors and an exhibition.
Exhibition was located on the first half of the hangar. Graffiti and academic artists, photographers, videographers and installers divided into separate boxes to create a semblance of a gallery. In each sector, we exhibited several artists that suited each other in visual or conceptual way.
Visitors of our festival could dip into the world of each sector under the rhythms and sounds of house and ethnic music of the “Apalalu” dance floor or taste techno music on the “Ryūjin” stage.

The design concept based on showing the union and connection of various areas of art and the emerging power of the community. For the first task, we used liquid dynamic forms intertwined with each other. For the second - we used flashes as a symbol of the nascent energy and power.
Forms and flashes intertwine chaotically, but complementing each other, as a result form a UNITY.

P. S.
Without academicism, skills, serious approach, garbage is obtained. But without a share of trash, creativity and the "spirit of the party," art becomes too boring and dead. With the right balance between academicism and innovation, something beautiful is necessarily obtained.
We are looking for this beautiful together.

art director  ARTEM NIKITIN
designer  DANIL CHURAKOV (more works --> https://www.instagram.com/churmechu/
photographers  EKATERINA CHAMOVA (merch)  POLINA NAZAROVA (event)  ULYA ZHABREVA (urban area)
illustrator (dragons)  TINA PROHOROVA
cameraman  ANTON ZLOBIN

thanks, man, thanks!
UNITY festival-exhibition by BOGTUS