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Ice cream was introduced in the Philippines during the American Occupation when refrigerators and other cooling devices were introduced.

While American ice cream was made with cow's milk,ours were made from Carabao's milk, which later became known as "Sorbetes." 

Coconut milk and cassava flour are two other ingredients used that make sorbetes unique.

Flavors also varied from the usual natural fruits such as mango, avocado, melon, jackfruit, coconut and strawberry to flavors imitating commercial ice cream such as chocolate, cookies and cream, cheese, mocha, ube. :)
A Sailor travels on the lonely waters.
His spirit is adventurous. He knows he will face homesickness, storms, sharks, and all nasty stuff at sea. 
...And yet he goes on. Finding something no one else ever will and see wonders beyond compare.