In a college of budding designers, Design Store, is literally a store that deals in creativity. A tradition that has been a part of Fundamental(Annual College Festival) since its inception, this year it was coined as 'Hathi & Co.'. Instaled at Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, India, from 8th-10th February 2013.
Every year during Fundamental a little corner in our college is dedicated to products conceptualized and made by our students. The products are completely handmade, are simple and effective to use and have the novelty of a personal touch.
This year's design store was constructed using 5 ply corrugated sheets & waste cartons.
Abhishek Kanjilal
Eesha Mahatme
Palak Agrawal
Shashank Nimkar
Shikha Valecha
Virali Shah
Aditi Kamath
Ameya Kulkarni
Ankita Mitra
Ankur Rana
Arpita Bedi
Faria Jaleel
Kanika Shetty
Kavish Tulsian
Mihika Lakdawala
Payal Kothari
Pooja Dash
Pooja Singh
Pranoti Deshmukh
Riddhi Mhatre
Shruthi Venkatesan
Shubhankar Patki
Srushti Hippargekar
Taher Jariwala
Tanya Meshram
Vinodha Suresh
Prof. Varsha Jadhav
------------------------ The Making Process ------------------------