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    Tea shop projec
The Brief 

You have been commissioned to create a name and brand identity for a new chain of tea shops with a distinctly British theme. Your target audience should include everyone from families to business people, students to shoppers, young and old.

Present designs for the following items:

1. Three takeaway cups in sizes small, medium and large.

2. An A4 advertisement to announce the opening of your chain of tea shops.

3. A promotional vehicle. 

4. An apron (or range of aprons) that would be worn by the staff of the tea shop. 

5. The design of a ‘feature wall’ that would provide a focal point when you enter the tea shop.
6. A representation of the exterior of your tea shop.
7. A menu and promotional leaflet for the tea shop. The menu is double sided and of size 105mm (w) x 297mm (h). One side lists teas and the reverse lists cakes and biscuits. The menus would sit on the tables in the tea shop. The leaflet is A4 landscape folding in half to give a 4 page A5 leaflet that would be posted through letter boxes to attract customers to the tea shop. It could include a promotional offer or discount voucher.
8. The design of a cup and saucer, a plate, and a tea pot for use in the tea shop.
9. The design of a sofa, table cloth and rug for use in the tea shop.
10. A set of 6 1” button badges that would be given free to customers on consecutive visits.