Market research & Methodologies, Corporate identity, Digital branding, 
Art direction, Campaign, Web design.
\\ Up on the brief set by the University 

Beyond commercial
Considered one of the best opportunity to work for the innovation industry.  It always had been in the mind to contribute and help in solving global issues. The brief was focused on art direction, branding and marketing for the conceptual product. Though, during the research I was attracted to invent not only the conceptual product but also the technology which would reflect the possibilities to implement. During the research on global issues, I found plastic pollution prominent cause of environmental pollution. Which led to invent APPR - a machine which would collect plastic from the polluted fields.

To follow up the; Product Concept 

The brand design is completely based on technological aspects of the product. Therefore, aesthetics are influenced by the nature of magnetic field. Branding language and its touch points have been communicated through its highly expressive colour scheme.   

    To follow up the Product Concept 
APPR | Branding

APPR | Branding

This project has developed to enhance the critical thinking capabilities. The APPR is a state of the art robotic UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Read More