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    Letrista Script available on MyFonts.com
Letrista Script 
by Felipe Calderón

Letrista Script is a product of observation and sensitivity of sign painter artists not only from United States but from other parts of the world, where the brushstrokes letters have reached a high level of importance in different context, where the writing makes fundamental part. With more than 1000 glyphs, this typography was created to achieve a unique texture without losing the legibility or force, to interact  with the alternation of decorative characters and adornment that will surprise.
After a year of working and checking with many artists, Letrista Script come up to the public with the guarantee of being an useful tool in your computer in the design time. Once you know it, you surely won´t stop using it, because of its beautiful characters and great texture. It is full of surprises and facilities for the users. Letrista Script includes standard ligatures, stylistics alternatives, discretionary ligatures, swashes, titling alternates and terminal forms, Stylistic Set 1, 2, 3 and 4, ornaments and a complete package of Catch Words.

Letrista Script was inspired in sign painter classic and contemporary artists, where the brush make fundamental part in each character that constitutes an important factor to the typography understanding. This font was designed with small features that are properly of the round brush but it also shows other characteristics coming from the ordinal ductus. This was done, in order to reach a unique texture and offer a tribute to the brushstrokes letters.
Each character of this typography is strictly designed to have a good performance between each other, is flexible, is functional, is easy to manage and offers thousands of options to represent any word. It includes a set of grammar connectors [catch words] that complement this great font. Finally, it has a set of interesting and cute ornaments.
Letrista Script was designed with the aim of covering great part of different languages where the latin alphabet is used. Almost everybody will enjoy Letrista Script: the French are going to be able to write their beautiful and fantastic love poems, the Italians will write with their pretty regular orthography, in which each letter has a fixed pronunciation, the Portuguese with their masculine writing, the German with their “high s” (eszett) were also taken into account, the Swedish, and so forth. This font can be used in any language, its standard ligatures, stylistics alternatives, discretionary ligatures and swashes are useful.
Letrista Script was selected to make part of the fifth Bienal Tipos Latinos 2012