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A book jacket project assigned, over the Christmas holidays. We had to redesign a classic book, chosen by us from a given list, and approach it in 3 different visual styles.
I chose the book 1984 because I had already read it and knowing the content would be easier to work with.
Idea Generation / Inspiration
First Cover
This is a photo of a friend of mine posing in front of a wall in London which turned out to be the front cover of my first book jacket. I wanted to use the photograph, so I decided to hide her merging parts of it and applying a bunch of stamp tool brush strokes.
Then, I created a few posters that use quotes from the book. The idea behind this was to place them on the walls in order to depict an image of the streets of London, in this fictional world.
For the poster on the left I sketched my version of Big Brother and then using a few textures I managed to create a worn out poster.
Same process was followed with the poster on the right, but insted of creating the INGSOC flag logo, I used the one Wikipedia has in their article (here).
Having created the Big Brother posters, I decided to place them on the wall as well as adding an extra touch to it with the crossed out word "RISE".
On the left, I have another photo from a wall in London, which I decided to use as the front cover of the jacket. With a few uses of the stamp tool here and there, some contrast manipulation, and the addition of titles it was almost done.
The spine was created by a portion of the image of the wall above and then I simply added text using the 'Alegre Sans' font, with a semi-transparent stroke.
Here we have the two flaps that wrap around the book. The one on the left has a short biography of Eric Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell, and the other one a significant quote from the story's protagonist. Also, I created my own barcode, which I used for all of the jackets.
For the measurements, I used a book I found around the house, then measured every side and came up with the dimensions for my layout file.
Jacket bending.
Second Cover
A very rough idea sketch of the 2nd cover.
A collection of photos converted from color to B&W in order to produce the back cover.
Here is the final layout of the photographs. I also chose to add the phrase 'BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU' to the image in the center, that was inspired by the illustrated eyes on the frames, to make it look like a photo from 1984's London.
The following images show the process of creating the front cover. I started out by manipulating the photo of an iris into my own version, which illustrates what the Party members' eyes look like.
Red GreenMinistryYellowMinistryBlackfor Ministry of Peace
                  Step 1                              Step 2                           Step 3                          Step 4                         Step 5
            Initial Image                     'Hard Light'                    Ministries                Building Shape              'Multiply'
This is the process from conception to production.
                     Initial Sketch                                      Scanned Version                                     Final Outcome
This post-it note shows my reconsideration of the layout dimensions. The first book jacket came out a tiny bit shorter than what I expected, due to the curves of the paper wrapping around the book. In conclusion, I added a few more centimeters for every part of the jacket.
Third Cover
The image on the left inspired me to produce a silkscreen print with a quote from the book, thus I created this pure B&W A4 picture on the right.
Here is the process I followed in the silkscreen workshop. First, the A3 photocopy was oiled up with vegetable oil to make it transparent reducing the amount of time it required to be exposed in light, in order to transfer from the paper to the silkscreen frame. While I was printing, I mixed various colors and produced the second image, which I chose to convert to B&W and use for the third jacket.
                          Step 1                                                 Step 2                                               Step 3
                Oil Up & Expose                                 Wash, Dry, & Print                                Final Outcome
These are all of the prints I produced in that workshop.
The following photographs are my attempts to create two different images, which I would afterwards manipulate and combine into one and produce the front cover of my jacket. My goal is to produce an image that illustrates the concept of doublethink, and I was inspired by this photo.
Here is step by step how I created my version of doublethink.
              Step 1                               Step 2                                Step 3                    Step 4                         Step 5
            Image #1                      Texture 'Hue'                       Outcome                Image #2              Final Outcome
For the title I decided to combine both the author's name and the name of the book into one image. The font I used is called 'Blackout', hence the absence of the inner shapes in the letters "O" and "R". Same goes for the numbers and that is why I chose to put the numbers inside those letters.
Here is the final layout of the jacket.
And finally here is the last of the book jackets photographed.
At last all together.
The End