Quarles & Brady LLP Tampa Office Design
by Patricia S. Algiers & Associates, Inc.
We recently had the pleasure of working once again with Quarles & Brady on their design of their Tampa office.  This office expands their presence in Florida; Quarles has been in Naples for a number of years. (Other Quarles locations include Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison, Phoenix, and Tuscon.)

In keeping with Quarles' commitment of having each office be true to the culture and aesthetic expression of its location, the Tampa office is bright, light, and open.  It takes inspiration from Tampa Bay and surrounding beaches, graciously welcoming clients, guests, attorneys, and staff.

It is a workplace designed to assist Quarles to deliver client solutions.  Its colors, finishes, and lighting were specifically chosen to add an element of tranquility to what can be the anxiety-driven practice of law.  Please enjoy viewing these photos taken on move-in day, September 27, 2010.