____Branding system 
thematic channels

I had the big challenge to work as Art Director with the Creative Director Florencia Picco in one of the biggest and most complete projects. It’s the complete branding system for 10 thematic channels broadcasted by Rai. 

Rai 5, Rai Movie, Rai Premium, Rai World Premium, Rai Italia, Rai Sport, Rai Scuola, Rai Storia, Rai Gulp and Rai Yoyo are part of the same identity with the challenge to keep constants and variables in a single graphic package. 

The branding works with the square as main protagonist, which build the whole visual identity. The system is part of his bigger family, the one done before for Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rai 4. 

Inspired by the the swiss designers, especially the Italian designer Bruno Munari, the branding it’s developed by this basic geometry.

_____ The type

The typography used is the Neue Haas Grotesk, the digital 
version of the Helvetica. 
For his incredible readability: modern, sober and structured, 
that perfectly coexist with a clean branding.

_____ The grid

A simple system based on the square module, divided in a mirror.

_____ The color

The colors are organized by different thematic areas: generalist, 
entertainment, news, movies, kids and sports.
Each channel has a main color and a sequence of secondary 
colors as small accents.

_____ The animation

The animation is based on two basic rules: translation and rotation 
that generate a change of color.

_____ Rai Channels' generic overview

CREDITS ____________ 

Client — Rai 
Creative director — Roberto Bagatti 

Work done for Flopicco 
Creative director — Florencia Picco 
Art direction and Brand design lead — Romina Giarrizzo
Design — Romina Giarrizzo
Project manager — Fernando Vallejos
Animation — Lumbre 

YEAR 2017 
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Rai Channels

Rai Channels

Complete branding system for 10 thematic channels broadcasted by Rai.