Faces of Electronic Dance Music
This self-initiated project features nine famous dance acts/artists ranging from the 1970s to the present day.
The series has been created as individual posters in two different sizes, 700mm x 500mm and A3. There is also an A6 postcard set of the complete series.
Each poster features the name of the dance act/artist, illustrated faces, discography of albums, singles and EPs, along with a selection of other facts such as their origin, members, highest UK chart position and aliases.
The postcards feature the same information, but have been designed with the name of the dance act/artist and illustration on the front and the discography and facts on the reverse.
Each artist has been illustrated with minimal features to highlight that even the most successful dance acts are faceless to many people compared to the music they produced. All of you will have listened to their music at some point, but how many of them do you recognize.
Selecting just nine acts/artists was not an easy task and was whittled down from a list of around 50. A few that just missed the mark included, Leftfield, The Orb, Faithless and LCD Soundsystem. Who would you have chosen?