CONVERSE is a youth and streetwear brand. We are driven by sub-culture, street culture and we are rebels with a cause.
We are artists, musicians, we are unique, we are misfits, auteurs and we wear our alternative lifestyle on our feet.

All The Stories Are True is a campaign for the iconic Chuck Taylor and taps into the Converse wearers universe by giving the world a glimpse into their (the Chuck heroes) true lives. This is a somewhat voyeur’s look into the life of those who adorn Chucks. Converse USA initially launched with Stranger things star Milli Bobby-Brown and established power house actor Idris Elba.

The campaign is very much youthful yet respectful of legends. Converse loves and respect OGs like Snoop Dogg, but embrace the wild child rebels like Wiz Khalifa. We continue this trend with the South African version. Having hero story tellers and mini stories to support the campaign.

Trompies tell us a story

A story is from South African legendary music group, Trompies, who are pioneers of a post apartheidt and rebellious genre. They are fore fathers of Kwaito. The world is given a glimpse into the the pantsulas have had on culture juxtapose with Converse All stars.​​​​​​​

Origins of Pantsula

Pantsulas epitomise Kwaito, and their style is rooted in post apartheid SA.
When it comes to sneakers, it not Nikes, not Pumas, not Adidas. Strictly Chuck Taylor All Stars are the go to sneaker for the true Pantsula. Trompies' Mjokes gives the viewer a small part of what it took for All Stars to be the go to choice.

J'Something tells a story

South African muso J'Something of Micasa tells us a story that left him with an awkward but straight decision.

Smooth Operator
J'Something's motto when handling his Chucks has always been the same. ​​​​​

Trompies Film Directed by Katlego Baaitse
Director of Photography: Ian Greyvenstein

J'Something Film Directed by Katlego Baaitse x Duran Levinson
Director of Photography: Zenn Van Zyl

Joe Public for Sky Distribution/ Converse
Chief Creative Officer: Xolisa Dyeshana
Creative Director: Claudi Potter
Art Director: Katlego Baaitse/ Mphela Mamabolo
Copy Writer: Sarah Forbes
Agency Producer: Vanessa Borthwick

Production & Editing - Dolph TV

All The Stories Are True - Converse