This brief was part of the student D&AD awards. There were a variety of briefs to choose from, but the 'Make Your Mark' one was the most open. It allowed me to set my own client and specifics, the only specification they set was to put you 'stamp' on it.
I decided that I wanted to create a book based on the Disney film 'Up', originally I had thought about creating a pop up book, but because of the strength of my illustrations I decided to focus on the art work and textures that could be put into the book. There are also some interactive elements in the book such as two sound pages and one which lights up using Fibre Optic lights so that the stars actually 'twinkle'.
In the back of the book I also created a mini scrap book for the children to stick their pictures in, just like Ellie and Carl in the film. I created stickers from the Wilderness Explorer badges that Russell collected, so that the children could collect them as well, and to finish the project off I designed a
t-shirt for children and adults, as adults like the film too. (All of which you can see below).
The art work alone took me around 4-5 weeks to complete, and we had 6 weeks to complete the whole project. Due to printing difficulties, this final book was put together in 24 hours.
I am really proud of this project and I hope that you enjoy the art work as much as I do.